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Biography 2012 – I started my working life in telecommunications, following qualifications and working on the telephone system. Then I did a full time course in radio communications, after which I spent some time working with computers. This involved working as an engineer with computer hardware, which also required a basic knowledge of how software worked, and was developed.

I developed a love for the music of my youth which was in the sixties and the seventies. I had my first guitar at the age of eight, but never achieved any basic skills until I was around thirteen years old. This was with the help of Burt Weedon, on a children’s program, and his famous book ‘Play In A Day’. More recently, I have done some work for an educational project, working with people with mental health problems, which is when I first tried writing songs.

Now at sixty years old I think that I may be a little bit too old to start working as a performer, as I am sure I would find the rigour of touring, and long recording sessions too much for me. So I would rather offer my compositions to other musicians to cover, if I can find anyone who is interested.
I hope you enjoy listening to my songs.

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